Changing the Narrative

At Story For All we harness the power of community voices to initiate, inform, and implement community transformation. This narrative change strategy has impact on multiple levels.

Our model is based on the 5 P’s:

  • Partnerships – Build, strengthen and unify local and national support networks
  • Process – Engage in transformative project-based learning and expression programs
  • Products – Produce high-quality art, trainings and other products that erode institutionalized racism
  • Policy – Inform and direct policy that affects youth and their communities
  • Participatory Research – Provide much needed data to inform future research and decision making

By building a network of local communities, disseminating an affirmative narrative about communities of color, and implementing policy with input and participation from the community, we can eradicate systematic racism and create systems that support and engage the people they are meant to


Project Participants
increased self-esteem, academic performance, life skills, and career opportunities

increased visibility, strengthening networks and great impact

increased respect and unity, policies that address and support community needs

diminish bias, create and sustain equitable systems that provide the foundation for a strong, united nation