Project Description

What does it mean to be healthy? How do we take care of our health, and how do we contribute to the health of our communities?

The #HealthistheNewBlack Campaign, a partnership between the Bay Area Black Unified Fund, Story for All and Kaiser, uplifts the voices and images of a diverse range of people in the Bay Area black community. The campaign seeks to shift the narrative on Black health through harnessing the power of narrative, a new strategic direction for BABUF as they support their community members and stake holders in shifting their perception and behavior around personal and community health.

In this initial phase of the campaign, Story For All is training a group of BABUF community members in oral history methodology and supporting them in conducting interviews with their peers and other stakeholders to explore what it means to be black and healthy in the Bay Area. This phase in the campaign will culminate with a positive editorial and pictorial campaign that reflects the needs, wisdom and personalities of the community it serves.

The #HealthistheNewBlack Campaign centers personal health and well being as fundamental to building and sustaining healthy communities, highlighting the ways community members think and act regarding matters of health.