Storytelling for Professional Development

Photos courtesy of The Young Vets.

“Khari had an interview yesterday at Champs Sporting Goods, which is under the Footlocker umbrella. He was hired immediately after his first interview. He stood out! Together we are shaping a wonderful young man. Thank you for the input and knowledge you have shared with him.
~Mother of Young Veterans Summer Academy participant

This quote is in reference to all the public speaking and interview training Khari received, in addition to many other resources within the Young Vets Summer Academy.

Project Description

Many student athletes experience “Identity Foreclosure” when imagining themselves as anything other than athletes. As part of The Young Veterans Summer Academy, Story for All designed and facilitated a series of workshops on professional identity, interviewing and storytelling for student athletes. Utilizing the power of story and oral history, this 10-session series will provide students with the skills and experience to see and express themselves in a new and more holistic way, therefore opening them to a wider range of opportunities. They will also learn how to use oral history to uncover the stories, wisdom and experiences of others as a means of gaining wisdom, connecting to others, and supporting their communities.

Goals: Story For All project participants will

    • Practice and develop academic, social, creative expression and career development skills
    • Build and enhance relationships with other students and team members
    • Articulate a compelling, holistic personal narrative
    • Learn oral history, interview and presentation skills
    • Increase confidence in public speaking and asking questions
    • Learn how to integrate interviews in their community service project

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