Dreamtime Stories

Dreamtime Stories
December 16, 2011 webadmin

We’d like to call your attention to an amazing storytelling project underway in Europe right now, called Firebrace.

Firebrace is an interactive documentary about the life of an Aboriginal storyteller, and the importance of storytelling in todays world.

Francis is one of Australia’s most original indigenous storytellers and an Aboriginal Elder. Ever met one of those? You’re about to.
A prolific hugger, entertainer and passionate humanitarian, Francis is on a mission to share the ancient wisdom of his people, told through the Dreamtime Stories.
If you’ve never heard of these stories, this is your chance.
Open, exuberant and funny, Francis touches the lives of everyone he meets and has spent the last 25 years of his life traveling the world spreading his own very special brand of aboriginal consciousness, trying to affect peoples lives on an individual basis and on a societal level, too.
He teaches the importance of respect and self esteem to the most difficult audiences – from teenagers, to prisoners to the leaders of multi-national companies.
Francis and his Dreamtime stories have much to teach us about the world we live in, who we are and where we came from.
In a topsy-turvy time where answers are scarce – the world needs to hear what Firebrace has to say.
The Project
Director Kevin Lee Brown met Francis five years ago and was so convinced by Francis’s message that he has been filming Francis’s movements ever since. He has followed Francis to schools, prisons, demonstrations and more… and seen the positive effect his message has on people – a smile, a change of opinion, a day turned around.
Francis won’t be around forever, but with your help, his stories can be.

The Firebrace project is a true multimedia/cross-platform project that will give people an opportunity to dive in and interact with the Dreamtime stories like never before.  It will build an archive of digital versions of Francis’ stories that will be preserved online.  It will tap into Francis’s ongoing outreach work with young people and give audiences the opportunity to learn about traditional wisdoms across different cultures, so Francis’ Dreamtime message is never lost.
A film for social change and a digital arts resource all in one – sound important enough to you? We think so.

How you can participate:
The producers of Firebrace are in the process of raising funds and awareness about their campaign so people all over the world can start plugging into Francis’ special way of thinking.
For more information about donating, perks, and other ways you can help, check them out online at http://www.indiegogo.com/Firebrace?c=comments