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Farming and Kaua’i Culture

Kaua’i is known for its rich cultural history, including many stories that have been told about the sugar plantations that have left their mark here. But what about the land itself – how has it been managed and tended? How can the traditions, wisdom and experience of Kaua’i’s diverse farmers inspire future generations to care for this precious land? This oral history project seeks to answer these questions through interviews with a diverse group of islanders who have cared for the sacred and controversial lands of Koloa in southern Kaua’i. Learn more and watch the interviews here.

R.O.O.T.S. of Sunflower County

ROOTS videoThe Reclaiming Our Origins Through Story project addresses negative perceptions and narratives about young men and boys of color. This oral history journey by 19 young men from Sunflower County who set out to change the negative perceptions about young black men in their community. Learn more about their story here. Read the full R.O.O.T.S. data report here.

Corps Conversations

corps conversations
Corps Conversations is a series of youth-led livestreams about topics that matter to youth in California today. Produced in collaboration with the California Association of Local Conservation Corps and local corps across CA, the livestreams provide opportunities for young people to interview leaders and share their knowledge and insights about issues such as climate change, the pandemic, and what it means to serve one’s community. Click here to learn more about the project.


This project and others like it are an opportunity for us all… We learn from one another. We come to understand and love one another. We begin to overcome prejudice and callousness, and we become fuller human beings.

Jean Quan, Mayor of Oakland

This project has totally transformed my life, in every way. I now have a career path and a portfolio for my college applications. I’m not as shy as I was, and I can speak in front of a group – even a group of adults!

Ramiro-Youth Interviewer

We are so grateful and honored that our son has been part of this project. It has brought out all of his best qualities and changed how he sees himself and his opportunities in life.

Parent of AAOHP participant

The video and timeline that you created for us really help to tell our story. I use it all the time in my PR work.

REACH Ashland Youth Center PR team

Story for All is skillfully supporting us to document and share the story of building school health services in Alameda County in a way that is accessible and engaging to our partners. Their experience managing collaborative projects, capturing content, and creating engaging ways to share it is providing critical support to the project.

Policy and Planning Coordinator, Center for Healthy Schools and Communities

The Urban Agriculture Oral History Project is a relevant and timely effort in this era of rapid urban, environmental, and social change. Story For All is the first to tell the story of urban ag in our communities from the inside out, bringing otherwise unheard voices to the forefront of this movement. 

Architectural Historian/Preservation Planner and project volunteer

 The Griots exhibit has importantly contributed to a shift of focus in our work in public education, from a laser focus on new standards to a laser focus on insuring that new standards are applied to assure that each and every student achieve their potential. Most importantly, the students we have chronically and persistently failed in public education have been raised up through your important collaborative work. Thank you.

Louise Music, Executive Director/Department of Integrated Learning, Alameda County Office of Education

 I felt that I have had a distorted view about African Americans. I was very impressed with the young men who possess hope and think positively about their identity and community. I had assumed that African Americans were depressed, hated each other, and had no hope. I have now changed my point of view and expect the bright future.

Graduate student from Korea

 I feel hope. I have never seen someone who looks like me represented in this way. 

Young African American man who attended the Griots event

 This course supports our company’s culture and helps us all be more influential and connect with others. 

Training participant, Senior VP of HR

 The SHINE forces me to confront my own truth, beauty and prejudices as a Black man regarding boys and men of color. Out of this confrontation and the multisensory immersion it offers, I then can love and be loved in a different way, and this way then drives the policy, programs, practice and people transformation, which must occur forthwith.”

David Patrick Bickham, Foundation and Evaluation Consultant