The next story is ours to tell

The next story is ours to tell
November 11, 2016 webadmin


To our beloved community,

Today we are witnessing the power of story in action.

I believe this election was dominated and ultimately decided by two expertly wielded stories: She is crooked, and He will make America great again. Facts were irrelevant. Such is the power of story.

To what end?

Today, many people are feeling the pain of oppression. Many are feeling the pain of our personal responsibility for this outcome. We are feeling the pain of fear, real fear, that people and places we love will be ravaged. As terrible as this pain is, it is also necessary. As President Obama said, we must sit in the discomfort of how we got to the places we are.

And here we are.

Wherever you are, please know that you are not alone. Whether you can see, feel or hear them, you ARE in a community that cares about you. And we may be down, but we are not out. Just the opposite. We will emerge stronger and more unified than ever.

In the meantime, please take great care of yourself and your loved ones. Please honor your feelings and take your time. We can fight better, love better, give better, when we are healed.

The time is coming for the next story: OUR story. A story of people unified in their fight for love. I look forward to writing this story with you.

In solidarity,
Angela Zusman and the team at Story For All